7 Words of Wisdom by Sadhguru that totally makes sense

Words of Wisdom by Sadhguru that totally makes sense

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, suddenly gained lots of buzz around him lately, if you follow him or not but sometimes he makes total sense at least he knows how to answer anything with the most articulate manner we  enlist some of his words that totally make sense and can be followed for sorting our everyday life by just changing the point of view that he induce-

  • 1) Enhance your intelligence and perception-  Just plain labor will not get you anything one should constantly work towards improving their own perception and intelligence, rest will fall in place automatically. Do not try to be capable of something, just work on your perception and intelligence
  • 2) Take Charge of your life:- have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself? What you see, hear, and feel is within yourself. Everything that ever happened to you around you is experienced within the confinement of you only, nothing ever happened outside of you, pain and pleasure, joy or misery everything is inside of you and only you should determine and decide what should happen inside you, do not leave the life on accidents, take charge of your life and you can change the experience of life altogether.
  • 3) Be Conscious of your Morality:- You and only you are the only single most important existence of your life, do not take yourself for granted, you are not going to be here forever, leave your family, career, love etc for some time, take care of you and appreciate your morality. Just imagine the fact that the people who go to sleep tonight, some millions will not wake up tomorrow morning, what you have is priceless and irreplaceable. Every day is fantastic, if you wake up with the people you care about also woke up along with you out of the millions of people who don’t. So appreciate your body and morality.
  • 4) Take a Holiday from Seriousness:-  just see any kid around you, he simply grows when he is innocent, ignorant and without ego, kids don’t bother what others would feel if they fall, they know their guardian will take care of them, similarly you only stopped growing because you believe there is no guardian above you, Universe is your guardian, your body is your guardian, you yourself is your guardian. So what you should do, it is most important to do simple things which are not so important and don’t do very important things, when you are totally into very important things in life, you become deadly serious. If you beginning to think you are doing something very very important daily, then you need to take a holiday, a holiday from seriousness. It doesn’t matter how significant you feel about the work you are doing, just remember even in your absence world will go just fine without you. Don’t be dead now, Your time will come for sure.. its time to be alive.
  • 5) Don’t push your fears:–  what you have feared always out of 100, 99  fears never happened to you, it’s our mind that imagines numerous versions of unnecessary worries, which may never happen. excessive imagination creates fear, what may happens, happen in the mind is different formats that cause plight. So do not fear, what is about to happen will happen and surely not in the way you imagine. Fear is just corrupted imagination and you cannot fight or overcome that does not exist.
  • 6) Don’t stick your happiness with conditions:- One should not think once he achieves something then happiness will happen, not money, not career, not people. It is human nature to go beyond the boundaries of the finite body and tend to chase the “wants” and assign factors of happiness to them. Later sets impossible conditions to attain happiness. happiness will only shine if you feel blissful from within, you should show gratitude for what you have and enjoy, otherwise one day you will lose what you have right now and regrets hurts further to your happiness. Do not compromise with peace instead of happiness, peace should not be the highest goal in your life, peace is a fundamental requirement for life, you cannot eat if you are not peaceful let alone happy, if your external factors are affecting the inner peace than it’s the alarm for anxiety, repeated anxiety causes stress, stress does what is considered to be bad for your external factors as well. Happiness should be felt irrespective of the conditions around you to experience life
  • 7) Do Not Set Incentives for Sickness:- 70% of all the illnesses on this planet are self-created, it’s all in the mind if you are in the right set of mind the parasites, viruses and bacteria won’t work the regular way if you don’t give major attention to its working. Most people avoid work, if they feel the temperature or cold, if it’s super hot outside or its raining, one should not turn back to the commitment towards work because of conditions beyond one control, it’s just whether, what you have to do, it eventually you will be doing anyways. If you don’t do that, your body will learn to fall sick as often as it gets.

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