Why Rolls Royce Cars are so expensive?

Why Rolls Royce Cars are so expensive?

The Short Answer :

Because nearly every task is completed by hand.

  • Whereas in the modern world, most luxury car companies prefer to build their cars with robots, Rolls Royce prefers to use humans instead.
  • Let’s take an example,
    The grills on the front portion of the Rolls: No measurement instruments are used to build this grill, it’s solely made by hand. It takes one man one day to build a Rolls Royce grill and 5 hours are spent polishing it.

The Long Answer:

  • This is a Good-wood plant, the birthplace of Rolls.
    All in all, there are only 4 robots in this 7-acre massive plant, but even they can’t completely replace the human touch.
  • Inside the car, the leather is had from Scandinavian bulls only. (Rolls Royce gets leathers from only those bulls that have been already killed for food.)
  • The car’s space frame chassis is first built in Germany and then shifted to the Good-wood plant (England).
  • Inside the paint expanse, it requires 22 steps, 5 layers of paint and seven days before the body is perfect and in total 45 kilograms of paint is sprayed onto the body shell. This takes almost a week to 10 days because even the paint works are mostly done by hand & the last layer of paint is done by a couple of robots.
  • The process of polishing takes 5 hours.
  • A special tradition is used named “Bookmatching”, where the veneers are given a glossy finish to give the mirror look from each side.
  • 450 pieces of leather and 17 days are necessary for completing the interior.
  • The star-looking roof needs one of the best and most skilful workers, who takes about 12 hours to build one roof.
  • The car’s interior consists of 42 different parts of veneers totally handcrafted. The veneers are sourced from all over the world and many different woods are available.
  • Each car takes weeks at least to create. The fastest car that Rolls can make is the Ghost, which takes a minimum of 30 days and 60 hands to make. The Phantom takes a minimum of 45 days. Some Rolls-Royce can even take up to a year.

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