Why 73% indian parents prefer sarkari naukri

“Bas 12th ke baad graduation ke sath sath sarkari naukari ki tayyari kar lo. life set ho jaayegi” 

These lines are so common in 60% of Indian families. No matter, your son or daughter wants to be an artist, businessman or a writer, Indian parents ultimately want their kids to be a government employee and the main reason behind this agenda is job security. yes it’s true that govt. job provides you job security because unlike private sectors, people don’t easily get fired from govt. job.

Why Govt. Job is still so charmful :  

Government Positions are always stable

Unlike private job their is a fixed timings in govt. jobs, where you can leave the office on a fixed time daily. less workload and more time for yourself are the benefits you get in govt. jobs. so if you want a chill pill life, thodi mehnat kar lo aur sarkari main lag jao!!!

Nice perks in Sarkari Naukri

In government jobs, you get some nice perks like holiday leaves with your family, health insurance of family,pension schemes etc. Different department has different perks, like in railway you get free pass to travel with your family by train and it’s a very nice feeling not to be in a queue or spend lots of money on tickets. and this is just one example. so definitely there are more benefits in public sector if compare to private jobs. but still, it should be an indiviadual’s own decision where to work, and not imposed one by parents or relatives.

Because it’s trendy and your cousin is also doing it

best marriage proposals  goes to Government Servants

I am amazed to see that government job can increase someone’s net worth. and it’s true. it is an attraction for parents that their future daughter-in-law or son-in-law is a govt. employee. sometimes it’s a measure of dowry that if the boy is on high position, there is a fixed dowry amount for that. so why not parents will get fascinated about it.afterall they invested so much on their kids. I still remember a dialogue of movie NAYAK where Rani Mukherjee’s screen father refused to get her married to a private employee and he said that “main apni ladki ki shadi sarkari naukar se hi karunga bhale hi uski salary 1 rs ho” . similarly if a girl is in govt. job, they are also on first priority because of the fixed office timings, less workload and less travel for work.

But with due respect to all those who serves government in different departments, every job and department is good if you like your job. And the decision of choosing a career or a job should be an individual’s own and not an imposed one by parents or relatives. parents are important for everyone and we are emotionally connected with them but when it comes to choose a life or career, take suggestions from them but decision should be yours, because you know yourself better than anyone else. so trust yourself and do the best with your skills.

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