Why Awaken Your Soulprint Should be your first book on spirituality?

I am Rishi Dutt Sharma, i live a life of daily hustler , i am an entrepreneur and is a stakeholder in couple of businesses. I have been listening to concepts and advantages of meditation and spirituality every now and then , but never implemented it.

There were chances in life where i could’ve implemented few with some great teachers but it was never my priority. I was always among on the leagues of people who kept themselves busy with multiple things which may or may not be productive per say . I can consider me on those league who can read any technical document or contracts of any length but keep book reading , self help , meditation and spirituality at my lowest priority , but not anymore.

Recently i got introduced to this amazing book called ” Awaken Your Soulprint ” which happens to be a first book that i have completed . This book was able to hit the logical part of my brain and showed what i have been missing in my recent adventures of my business and life.

I always wanted to do many things, wanted to become successful while giving time to my family but always juggling with each and everything , this book gave me clarity and uncovered some hidden realms for me that was always there in front of me but i got blinded for reasons unknown.

It is always about seeking , but most people get confused with what to seek, and it is not an outward journey as it is a journey inwards starts with universe, than natural ecosystem around you than your body and toward your soul.

Book provides the right tools to discover your own special path to happiness and success , it allows us to understand the evolution and accept the materialism and spiritualism in sync. This book allows one to get rid of unnecessary guilt we accumulate without knowing the true meaning of life. Accepting the oneself and universe around us to embrace the material wealth and spiritual wealth.

This book was gifted to me , by one of my friend and i hooked right into it by its first chapter ” You don’t need to sell your ferrari to be monk” , it is like you don’t need a robe to a monk. Old teachings or perception was to shun the material world or renounce all your desires to attain awakening or understanding spirituality , awaken your soulprint provides clear instructions to start the journey within.

The complete self provides us perception of solving any problem or confusion we have at our hand we just need to understand impact at each level , the explanation of complete self with five dots.

  • The body
  • The life breath
  • The emotive mind
  • The intellect
  • The soul

By connecting the dot backward we can reach to our soul which is so deep in understanding but quite simple to implement. The vedic wisdom is summarised and explained by the author aditya nath, who himself happens to be a businessmen and quite learned man with great MBA degree and great work experience under his belt. If something comes from such a person must be supported and distributed .

I am able to relate with most of the stuff mentioned in the book, but most importantly the way it was presented in multiple chapters helped me finish the book in no time.

I strongly believe that this book is ideal gift for someone who belongs to corporate lifestyle and juggling many things at hands, it is excellent book for gifting or an excellent first book who wants to get into spirituality or book reading.

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