When Steve Jobs Cheated His BestFriend Steve Wozniak

When Steve Jobs Cheated His BestFriend Steve Wozniak


In the 1970’s, Steve Jobs was working for Atari, designing the game Breakout. Overwhelmed with work with a deadline quickly approaching, he approached Steve Wozniak for help in finishing his project within the next four days. In exchange for his help, Jobs offered Wozniak half of what he was earning, which he said was $700.

For four days, Jobs and Wozniak worked day and night without sleep. When they were done, they were sick with mono and exhausted, but they finished the project before the deadline. Wozniak got his $350 cut as promised, and the two went on with their lives.

The only thing was, that Jobs wasn’t being honest. It’d take Wozniak a decade to learn that Jobs was actually paid $5,000, not $700. Upon hearing this revelation, Wozniak reportedly broke down in tears.

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