8 Tips To Control The Habit Of Complaining

Control The Habit Of Complaining

Complaining is a basic human nature and actually it is very easy to complain about things but there are adverse effects too of your complaining attitude that affect not others but you only. Even when we think that we are showing our dissatisfaction and finding faults of others so that they can improve, the other side is you are actually attracting negativity towards you and if complaining becomes a habit, you may feel stressed out when others don’t pay attention on your words. Take a self-realization challenge to spend a full day without complaining, you will definitely feel positive. Here are some tips to control the habit of complaining :

1.Rather complain, just look for a solution:

When we feel any obstacle in our work, we just scream, irritate or complain about the problems, because it’s human nature. But think for a while before react to the situation. Search for the solution and utilize your energy to solve the issue.

2.Channelize your urge to complain into some other activity:

when you feel dissatisfied with something, rather complain just use the negative energy into some physical activity that is good for your body. It will help you to change your mood. You can do aerobics, dance, running etc.

3.Try to understand the other side:

If you are not happy with someone’s decision or action, first try to understand other’s perspective too. Why they are doing so. Show some empathy and try to put yourself in their place. This acceptance and non judgmental mindset can help you to stop complain.

4.Be positive with the issue:

If you are about to complain someone because of his behaviour or if a person cancelled an appointment last moment, instead of start complaining about the issue, just divert your brain to look the positive side of this situation. Like if the appointment has been cancelled, now you have plenty of time to do some other stuff which was pending for so long.

5.Make boundaries between you and others:

people should maintain some boundaries because many times we want to complain as we have allowed others to influence our mood. It’s a choice actually. You are the king of your mind and you can stop others to bring negativity into your head-space. Always remember, no one has the power to let you down.

6.Focus on good things:

When you feel that you are not satisfied and a new complain is popping up deliberately in your mind, just do something that make you feel happy. This will definitely shift your focus from complaining mode to happy one. You can focus on those positive things that can make you feel proud.

7.Be a little generous and kind:

Some people have a habit of complaining. These people can’t see the good things that others are doing for them. You can defuse the urge of complain by replacing complain to gratitude. Try to give compliments and favors to others, this can bring a lot of difference in the behavior of them.

8.Rather complain give constructive feedback:

No one like complains always. If you don’t like someone’s attitude, hurtful words or poor performance, don’t be so judgmental or rude, tell them nicely that this thing can be done by this way. This behavior won’t hurt the other person and you will also feel positive.

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