6 tips that can help you to sleep well

6 Tips that can help you to sleep well

How often have you guaranteed yourself to be an early riser and flopped wretchedly? Many times right? No worries here, I am sharing some tips that can help you to sleep comfortably and rise up early without any inconvenience. Here are the 6 Tips that can help you to sleep well –

1. Control the intake of caffeinated drinks and soft drinks :

2.Exercise/Physical work :

If you are in a desk job or sitting most of the time on computer means no or less physical work then you should do long workout just before going to bed, It released cytokines, which helps you sleep like a kid.

3. Say NO to smoking just before bed :

Cigarette contains Nicotine which make your sleeping process little tough. People generally think that cigarette helps in calming down the nerves and help to sleep, but the reality is just opposite to this.

4. Avoid gadgets before bed :

Study said that blue light emitted from mobiles/Tabs/Laptops affect our sleep in obviously negative we should avoid the use of gadgets on bed for quality sleep.

5. Maintain a sleeping-wake up schedule :

Maintain a schedule of going to bed and getting up at same time daily and stick to that plan to balance a cycle of sleep and wake up hours.It gives better sleep.

6. Go to bed only when you feel really tired :

Sometimes it happens that you are not falling asleep, this leads to frustration and stress. So if you also feel the same, just get up and do something that relax your body and at the same time tired your mind and eyes. Like reading a book, listening  to music etc. Trust me it’s very helpful.

Do these practices for better sleep and if still you are not able to sleep properly, visit a doctor and do not ever try to take any kind of medicine without the recommendation of doctor.

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