Eight Things Every Girl Think Just After Her Engagement

Getting engaged to the person you love is like a fairy tale for most females. They cherish this thing more than males. But many times you can observe some mood swings in females just after the engagement. Reasons can be many like family pressure to behave like a responsible girl, gossip with friends about life after marriage, or sometimes a little fray with the fiance. These all things provoke her to rethink the decision. Most of the time this thought of getting trapped doesn’t long last. Sharing here some common thoughts:

Things Every Girl Think Just After Her Engagement

  • It was a dream not a reality and I can do whatever I want to do, I am still safe.
  • He will be introduced as my would-be husband and everyone will ask for the marriage date.
  • It’s going to be the end of my freedom as a single person.
  • Gosh, I am not mentally preparing for this thing and I need some more time to be with someone forever.
  • How can I leave my house, parents, personal stuff, friends, and my lovely pet?
  • I have to be more cautious in our courtship period, because this is my mother’s order, not to be over-frank or over-smart in front of him or his family.
  • Am I able to manage a big joint family?
  • He is a “changed man” after the engagement and started taking me for granted.

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