Some Photos Showing The Worst Side Of Man-made Environmental Disaster

Some Photos Showing The Worst Side Of Man-made Environmental Disaster:

We humans are so greedy that we don’t have a little regards for the environment and just doing to fulfill our eternal demands to live a better life. We destroyed the environment and innocent species like mammals, and sea birds are killed every year by the pollution. The aim of showing these photos is to engross the world to this issue. innocent creatures are suffering the most and we the powerful humans don’t even bother about their conditions. It’s time to wake up and do something. Collect the trash or focus on atleast recycling things.

1. Bird ducked in oil spill:

2.Plastic all around the waist of Turtle, could not allow the waist to grow.

3. Homeless Poor Koala

4.Tortoise Trapped In Plastic For Lifetime

5. Dead Albatross And The Reason Was Plastic Ingestion

6. Stork Covered And Trapped In Plastic

7.A Wounded Seal, Not Safe In Its Habitat

10. A Kid In Search Of Recyclable Plastic To Sold Them And Help His Family Financially.

11.Seal’s Nose Stuck In Waste Plastic Container

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