Sunscreen : Facts & Myths

Sunscreen : Facts & Myths:

Everytime you go to buy a sunscreen, you get very confused with the SPF/TPA/ Number of + signs/ UVA/UVB and so on. So here I am going to make it very easy for you to choose a right product without any confusion. We all know that we should wear sunscreen when we go out in the sun, but choosing the right one for your skin is mandatory too.

1.SPF: Sun Protection Factor

have you seen some number 30 or 50 written with SPF on your bottle like SPF 30 or SPF 50. So here you should know that one SPF is pretty much equal to 10 minutes. so if it is SPF 30 it means 10*30  means 300 minutes that is equal to 5 hours. So your skin is safe from the sun for 5 hour, if you are using SPF 30 and generally this is sufficient. But moreover we should be very careful that the cream we applied is adequate and we are not in a sweaty place. we should also not wipe out or touch our face then only the sunscreen will work best.

So the advice here is:

Reapply the sunscreen after every four hours for the best protection.

2.TPA: Tan Protection Index

It means, How many minutes you are outside the sun without getting tanned. There are many plus signs on a sunscreen bottles so four plus signs are the maximum and also the best. two is normal and three is good. so you should go with three plus signs at-least to make sure your skin is protected against tan.

3.Ultra violet Rays: UVA/UVB/UVC

Ultra violet rays which damaged your skin when you are out in the sun are UV-A, UV-B

UV-A Causes: ageing,tanning,DNA damage

UV-B:  touch the upper layer of your skin and can cause burning and responsible for tanning.


  1. Sun gives you highlight: this is a myths that you can get natural highlights on your face if you exposed yourself to sun. you will end up getting tanned as sun is not listening that you need highlights on only some specific regions of your face.
  2. Can we use SPF higher than 30: We can, but there is no need. If you are reapplying the sunscreen and not always under the sun and also you don’t sweat too much, SPF 30 is fine for you.
  3. Sunscreen prevent skin cancer: Yes as it protect our skin from UV rays and so it prevent us from skin cancer.
  4. Is sunscreen enough: Sunscreen protect the skin to some extent but for more protection, cover your body, use sunglasses, use linen gloves etc whenever we go out.
  5. Sunscreen & swimming:   when you are in a pool, applying sunscreen is mandatory.
  6. Do we need sunscreen indoor: Yes you really need to apply sunscreen indoor too as the UV rays can penetrate the glasses and approach you in no time.

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