9 Unexplained Phenomena That Actually Challenge The Existence Of Science

9 Unexplained Phenomena That Actually Challenge The Existence Of Science:

We humans of 21 century are so intelligent and highly believe that science has all the solutions of things, happening around the globe. But still there are some phenomena that science is also not able to unfold from ages. These phenomena always teased our beliefs for science and technology. If you also think that science is a one stop where you can find all explanations then you must read these 9 unexplained phenomena.

1.Star Jelly :

From Scotland to Texas these substance found everywhere. This is gooey, translucent substance that evaporate just after it appears. Science has not yet been able to crack the mystery behind this. This substance also known as moon poo, astral jelly, astromyxin and star shot.

2.The Hum:

Mostly the older population have reported to hearing a very low pitch sound or we can say Hum. The source of this sound is still not discovered and explanations related to this is still hypothetical. science is still fail to unfold the mystery of this Hum.

3.Spontaneous human combustion:

spontaneous human combustion or in easy way you can say human body catching fire without any external source of ignition is a big question mark on science because science is still not able to crack the reason behind it.

4.The Voynich Manuscript:

The early 15th century Manuscript having 240 pages of left to right writing, elaborate illustrations and diagrams. Many scientists, linguistics and historians trying to decode the manuscript but still haven’t figure out any of it means.

5.Mapimi Silent Zone:

A fix of the betray in Bolson de Mapimi, Mexico has been the site of exceptional radio wave events. Said to have been the base for a test missile dispatch in 1970, the zone is mysteriously closed from all radio, TV, short wave, microwave, or satellite signs.

6.The Ice woman of Minnesota:

In 1980, on a freezing morning a 19 years old Jean Hilliard was found just frozen solid. Her eyes were unresponsive and all the needles refuse to work on her body but when the temperature eof her body increased by doctors, she got up after three days and recover completely in next 49 days. This is such an incredible thing, how she survived in that state for three days.

7.Big Stone balls of Costa Rica:

This variety of more than 300 impeccable circles of stone was found in Costa Rica and the monster stones are the best-known models of the Isthmo-Colombian region. The unearthing uncover these stones could date as far back as the Chiriquí Period (800–1550 AD), yet their correct significance still remains a secret..

8.Ball Lightning:

A not-completely comprehended barometric electric wonder, ball lightning has happened again and again to be expelled as a myth. The glowing round question of changing size, generally connected with electrical storms, can last far longer than a brief instant lightning blaze and science has close to speculations to clarify it.

9.déjà vu:

A feeling of already experienced the present situation.This occurs with many of us many times when we feel that something which I experienced now is already happened with me or I have experience it before. And science still has no answer about this feeling called déjà vu.

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