5 Morning habits for an awesome day ahead

5 Morning habits for an awesome day ahead
5 Morning habits for an awesome day ahead

4:59 am

5:00 am *alarm rings* – BAM. GET UP AT ONCE AND GET ROLLING.

1 . Make your bed immediately (15 seconds) – Your willpower just got a boost. Good start.

“I’m on fire, bring it on!”

2. Warm a glass of water, squeeze in a dash of lemon and a spoonful of honey and drink it.Get your routine visit to the washroom done.(15mins) – Your metabolism just got a boost. Amazing start to the day.

*Puts on sports shoes*

3. Put on some pumping music. Stretch. Stretch a bit. Then jump. And then go out and work out. Or do Yoga. Swimming, jogging, walking- just do anything to pump in some oxygen to your brain (30–60 minutes) – You just increased your life time by 3 years. You rewarded your body.

4. Come back home and take a cold shower. Not the gentlest way but the best way to wake up your body and cleanse yourself and activate every inch of your body. ( 15 mins).

*God, I feel more alive than ever*

5. Close your eyes for a while, spanning anywhere between 2–10 minutes and thank yourself for making you proud by being by your side. And promise to deliver maximum on this day – you gifted yourself a sense of calmness and gratitude. It’s great and rare in these distressed times.

6. Have a hearty, healthy and nutritious breakfast. The breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day and should be such that it gives you required energy to get the best of the day – Your tummy is happy now so it won’t give into unhealthy cravings. ( 30–45 minutes)

There you go , you have gifted yourself a wonderful head-start in the morning which will take you places.

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5 Morning habits for an awesome day ahead

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