8 Mental Hacks that can help you anytime

8 Mental Hacks that can help you anytime

When meeting people for the first time, take note of their eye colour while flashing a good smile. It is probably because of you having to take a few more seconds to look them in the eye but you might be surprised at how people are more responsive after that. It’s kind of like they feel more connected to you. Here are 8 Mental Hacks that can help you anytime.

2. Give attention to a person’s feet. When approaching a group of people having a conversation, if you notice that they only turn their upper body without moving their feet to talk to you then that means they are not interested in having you in their conversation. Also, if you are talking to a work colleague who is seemingly paying attention to you but has his feet pointing in another direction then he wants to end the conversation.

3. Want to learn something new quickly? Well, teach a friend about it. Why does it work? Well, if you can teach something to someone then you probably know it very well.

4. Address people by their names. Everyone loves to be called by their names and this establishes rapport as well as trust right away.

5. If someone isn’t giving enough commitment to answering a question you’ve just asked, keep quiet and keep eye contact. They will most likely continue answering your question with more commitment.

6. Assume everyone already likes you when you’re walking into a room or if you’re talking to people. This puts you in a more friendly and welcoming disposition, and people gravitate toward that. If you already have an “everyone hates me” mindset, this can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, as people can sense the negative vibes you’re throwing off.

7. Whenever you are in a situation that makes you nervous like a public speaking event or a bungee jumping session, simply chew gum. I don’t know where exactly I have learned about it but if you are chewing something your brain will think that it is not in a dangerous situation since you won’t be chewing or eating anything if you are in danger. This has helped me control my nervousness a couple of times.

8. Before going to interviews, altering your mental state can do wonders. Act and think as if you have known them for a long time; just like old friends meeting each other after a long time and you can’t wait to meet them again. Make a mental scene in your mind that includes shaking their hands, looking at them in the eyes and having an engaging conversation. Think about the stories you are excited to tell them. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Put your hands on your hips with your shoulders laid back while smiling. You may be starting to get sick of hearing this again, but you can control your mental state and suggestions are very effective.

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