7 easy ways to cut down calories and loose weight

7 easy ways to cut down calories and loose weight

To follow diet rules without cheat yourself is highly impossible and also sometimes you don’t know that you literally cheating your diet plan because of the lack of knowledge of what should eat or what should not. People thinks that by avoiding meal they can get the perfect desired body and to achieve it,they skip meals which is not good for your body and it will make you feel lethargic and dull. we must know that the main idea behind weight reduction is to be active, young and healthy. Along with the workout,if you change your diet plan a little, you can gradually loose your weight without harming your body. So here we have come up with some easy ways to cut down calories from your meal:

1. Take protein rich diet:

Adding protein in your diet especially in breakfast is very good as protein gives you energy and build muscles. Try to add eggs,yogurt,oatmeal, nuts,nut butter, dry fruits, chia seeds etc in your breakfast to start your day with a protein rich meal.

2. Try to cut the extra calories from your meal:

Instead of skipping meals, cut down the calorie intake in every meal you have. There should be a balance of calorie too as if you completely cut down the calorie from your meal,you feel hungry all the time and as result you can do overeating in your next meal. so keep an eye on the extra butter or the extra spoon of mayo, you can avoid in your meal. This practice will help you reduce weight gradually and safely.

3. Include fruits & vegetables in your plate:

Every one knows that fruits and vegetables are great source of nutrients and also they can bring colors to your boring plate, so next time if you feel hungry, and want to grab something very soon, eat fruits and vegetables in place of oily snacks. you can have whole fruit or vegetable. It will make your tummy feel satisfied and full.

4. Say no to sugary drinks:

Sugary drinks are high in calories and increase your fat. Instead of sipping sugary drinks like coke, cappuccino, mojito’s, you can try flavored water. there are many ways you can make your flavored water. just pick anything (cucumber,mint,orange,watermelon,lemon,honey,strawberry, etc) of your choice listed here and add it in your water. you can do some experiments to make the water more tasty. just avoid sugar and increase water intake

5. Take some extra time to think before ordering high calorie food:

Thinking again on your decision of high calorie food, can change your mind. So next time if you are going to order a sinful cheesecake, just take a minute and think about the guilt and I am sure, you will definitely change your mind.

6. Add low calorie vegetables to the food you are eating:

Eat lots of salads and low calorie vegetables along with your food. you can increase the portion of salads and vegetables. This practice can make you feel satisfied and full with the same portion you eat daily for fewer calorie.

7. Avoid snacks and shift to dry-fruits,fruits,or vegetables when you crave for snacks:

snacking is a time where often you add up extra calories, because you can have anything from the fridge or pantry. So to avoid this, prepare your snacks of dry fruits covered with chocolate some days before, and keep it with you always so whenever you feel to eat something just have it or any fruit of your choice but not chips, or oily stuffs.

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