The Real Boundaries of Thinking outside of box

When people say think outside of the box, at least I am 100 per cent sure they are also not even know what its is like to think outside of the box, sure their box might be bigger or smaller than yours,

but another dimension to this is the way they look at the box; it may be from inside or outside or above or below.

Sometimes your answers and ideas can provide a new perspective or maybe a new dimension altogether, but this is also true if we are flexible with our boundaries.

For that, our listening and observation play a great role.

Yes, two simple words, i.e. listening and observation, are the two simple words in our life, can impact our perception; we are hearing and seeing everything around us though as soon as we start the process of rejection of what we don’t want to hear or don’t want to focus on decides the listening and hence the perception.

A Razor-sharp focus is a condition. A condition is a regular practice that become a habit; people try many things to achieve razor-sharp focus but seldom are successful.

This blog post will not do any miracles overnight, nor will it guarantee that it will make your all problems go away.

Still, yes, it will provide you with a basic template to the path, which will surely not do any harm but has a good chance to be helpful for you.

Let’s talk about boundaries first, the physical ones and the psychological ones.

We often hear people talk about that travelling makes you a better person.

Whenever we leap out of our comfortable space, be it any emotional zone or physical zone like your favourite chair, your home, your city, your country, your habits, your liking’s and your disliking’s you are travelling.

Travelling is experiencing something that you have never experienced before. Only after experiencing something new can you use the process of rejection to sharpen your focus for your liking’s and disliking’s; you will create a new perception and make your box bigger.

Every New Experience in your life will affect your perception, irrespective of the quality of experience.

A Genuine Traveler goes out of his home, visits someplace to experience the culture and climate, compares it with all the past experience, and creates a new perception.

Your perception is the only link between your brain and your body that matters the most. So either you modify your boundaries, make your box bigger, or you are surely going to hit a wall.

Once you hit a wall, you will be limited with the oyster shell you created with yourself; you restrict your reality.

We all know what human nature is. No one likes what they have for a longer period. Humans want more than what they have in the present with them.

They want the future, which is okay because we know humans, but stagnant water also starts to stink.

People are only unhappy because of the breakage of connection between mind, body and spirit. Once you are unhappy, you know better what it feels like.

Sure, everyone is programmed to feel monotonous or bored by doing the same task repeatedly, just like a routine job. So you might go the distance, but displacement is zero.

Life is happening every moment, and yes, it is finite for you physically. Still, when you travel beyond your body, you create an experience for yourself, nature, and others.

You are floating energies in terms of ideas, memories and emotions, and these are the things that can travel miles beyond boundaries.

These energies are mere perceptions that started by you practising only listening and observing while travelling and expanding your current box.

What we have lost?

Wisdom has been replaced by knowledge, and knowledge is replaced by information, and information now is nothing but data chunks.

This is the fight between finite and infinite. Both data, information and knowledge is finite and can be quantified.

Still, wisdom and intuition are infinite; no one can quantify it, and no one can comment on its accuracy.

Accuracy is an important measure for decision, but accurate knowledge can sometimes result in failure so does intuition; intuitive decisions are based on perception and can be wrong as well.

The only difference is that one cannot justify the decision in the latter and hence term as riskier.

This resulted in a world where quantified decisions are preferred over intuitive decisions just because in the event of failure, one can justify, quantify and provide the elaborative reasoning to save our ego and not take responsibility for failure.

We have lost the emotional aspects of life which also results in success, because of spirited efforts to achieve something, people are happy, not aware about the result, no forecast on work hours, quantity or anything which has to do with justification in the event of failure but 100 per cent justification in the event of success.

Therefore, an emotionally synced, fully energetic group can do the unimaginable successful activity much better than the logically synced group, which can attain success without happiness and a sense of achievement.

People are mainly looking at the world in two ways, i.e. one is with the mind, and another is with spirit.

The latter set of people are less in number but 100% happy. Still, the same cannot be said earlier. Since no one can quantify happiness by any matrices, you can always experience happiness with the sense of achievement, belongingness, and other emotional aspects that actually matter.

Another thing that matters the most is Awareness, Awareness about being here and now is something we are missing in our lives.

Being aware of nature, being aware of your surroundings, being aware of your morality, and your emotions.

Because emotions are the real responses, we tend to overlook outside and superficial logical aspects of probable temporary life.

Instead of sensory perceptions of the real world or the world originally provided to us versus the world we created by ourselves, the modern world.

The world, which is based on data points, is totally dependent on information. Because we want to be sure of everything, we want to avoid mistakes and detours during going from point A to point B.

We want to control and own the outcome, and that’s where we lose all the fun of unpredictability. That’s also resulted in a higher degree of masculinity, which is basically a flawed concept to begin with.

Maybe feminism is the better degree to identify the power because creativity, compassion, harmony, resonance and coherence are used as traits for feminism that are also true and in sync with mother nature.

The respect which is well deserved for female or feminine aspects of nature is destroyed by the false but glorified aspect of masculinity of males.

We as males defined feminism like we defined this modern world as “when females can become whatever a male can be “on the contrary, it should be “a female can become what a female want to be “, and we males are just want to be with them at the end of the day.

We created the world full of distractions and noise, making more noise to defend it; we assumed the current world will be more connected. Instead, we are way farther than ever from each other.

So for achieving harmony, the connection of the relationship should be smooth and fluid; it should be in sync and coherence. and let’s be honest, we are not doing great in the department of relationship management, we are failing to maintain a relationship honestly, and causes are simple that we are terrible at listening and observation, by these two single virtues, we are failing to show empathy because we tend to give less value to relationship as compared to the outside world, which already is a mess anyway.

And since we have already established our created modern “so called connected,” the world is a mess; we can determine its causes are lack of harmony, lack of relationship, super use of logic and less use of spirit. Even sports used to be spirit-based activities.

Now its converted into number chasing, data-centric, analysis-based action activity instead of enjoyment. It has been converted to entertainment; make no excuse entertainment and enjoyment are two different concepts.

Later, it is not easily found nowadays and is natural.
On the contrary, entertainment is forced and can be time passing activity. Enjoyment is inside out, and entertainment is outside in.

We just need to see within, we just need to listen to the sea within us, we just need to experience life from inside out.

Because when we do it, we will release the energies that will force our boxes to expand, resulting in the enlargement of life boundaries and maybe one day, we will travel beyond our boundaries.

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