14 Health Problems That Can Be Cured By Eating These Foods

14 Health Problems That Can Be Cured By Eating These Foods:

INSOMNIA: If you are suffering from INSOMNIA, honey is your medicine. It works as a sedative and tranquilizer. Eat honey if you feel unable to sleep.

ASTHMA: You should include onion in your diet on regular basis, if you are having respiratory problems like Asthma.

ARTHRITIS:  Fish are very healthy. Some fishes prevent arthritis and the names are Tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines.

HEADACHE: If you are having severe headache then you should eat lot of fish because fish oil helps in headache. Ginger is also an alternative of fish if you are vegetarian.

HEART STROKE:continuous intake of green tea prevents artery walls to deposit fat. Green tea also improve our immune system and works as a detox drink too.

HAY FEVER: Yogurt helps to prevent our body from hay fever which occurs due to pollens. So eat plenty of yogurts before pollen season.

UPSET STOMACH: if your stomach is not well, Eat banana. It will settle down the upset stomach.

MEMORY PROBLEMS: Zinc is very good for memory and thinking ability. Eat food that contains zinc such are fish, nuts, red meat and pumpkin seeds.

COUGHING: If you are facing continuous coughing, you should include red pepper in your diet because it contains a substance which is also found in cough syrup.

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