11 Essential Items Every Girl Should Have In Her Bag

11 Essential Items, Every Girl Should Have In Her


“What is in her handbag” This is a very common thought, boys always have when they meet any girl in bus, college, Airport etc. Although there is no need  to think much about it as boy also carry bags and girls haven’t fucking bothered about it . But as a girl’s handbag is a mystery box for boys, here I am creating a list of items that should be in a girl’s bag. Girls are always smart enough to put these things in her bag, but in anyways if you forget something to add in your bag, mentioned in the list, please read and update yourself and also boys please read this article to know about the mystery box i.e. A girl handbag

Makeup Bag: This is the first major thing that should be in her handbag. A tiny makeup-bag containing eye liner, mascara and lipstick, along with some wet tissues are enough to do wonder wherever you go.

Wallet: Every time you go out, you cannot afford to forget your wallet at home. Wallet is also an essential item to be added in your bag.

Sanitizer: This is also an important cute and awesome partner when you go out as it keeps your hands germs free.

Lotion: you always need a lotion to moisturize yourself and if you are out from home, you must keep it in your bag.

Sanitary Pads: You can’t afford to leave home without carrying sanitary pad in your bag. You may not expect your periods, but there may bea woman who need it immediately.

Water-bottle: You cannot get clean water everywhere so it’s better to carry a little water bottle in your bag to help you in need.

Pen: This thing is also very much important and you may need it anytime. So always carry a pen with you.

Pen-drive: whether it’s an important file or a movie you want, you can need a pen drive anytime to transfer data. Click here to get some great discounts on PEN DRIVES

Perfumes: perfume is also an essential thing to carry in your bag.

Hairpin,safety-pin, rubber-band: hair accessories and safety pins should always be in your bag as you can need it anytime.

Chocolates: Anytime you feel lack of energy and hunger, just grab a chocolate so it’s a wise thing to carry candy or chocolate.

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