What you need to know about e book reader kindle | an Indian book worm edition

What you need to know about e book reader kindle | an Indian book worm edition

I still remember the day , once my friend borrowed a book from me and returned it after ages that too in a shredded condition , that was the day I decided not to share my books with anyone. I am someone who loves his belongings specially books, I still feel bad when I accidentally leave any of my book  at my hometown or  any other place and it felt bad with an empty space in your library.

Lately I got to know about kindle, I had a bad experience of reading e books on smartphones, computer and ipads, somehow it took me away further from the concept of e books. Luckily for me someone gifted me a kindle on my last birthday . Oh boy , that changed my complete outlook towards e books from that onwards  and I wanted to recommend kindle each and every book lover out there.

Kindle was everything what a book lover can ask for , so here I am writing down the reasons for someone who is doubtful towards kindle.

Your Library On The Go

The biggest advantage that I feel is that everything at one place for me, no dead weight to carry around, no clutter and better management. For someone like me  there is no worry about leaving and forgetting books here and there  and I am sure you also hate those people who borrow books and never returns them.

Affordable and Future Ready

Kindle book store offers lots of free ebooks, including some bestsellers and I can get the same day release edition from anywhere and least expected cost . with the rise of digital content globally I see this concept is future proof  and anyways Amazon have recently announced a ‘Kindle Matchbook’ scheme, which means that when you buy print book, you get offered the digital version at a discounted rate or free!

Features to dazzle-

It is perfect for night owls, amazon has bought  goodreads, that  makes you social as well apart from it You can highlight, make notes, look up definitions and… categorise! It’s got a build in dictionary, a separate folder where all your highlighted text is kept for reference and it syncs wirelessly to your Amazon account as long as you have a Wifi connection.  Each book opens up to the last page you were on, you can change the font size, go to certain page numbers and view the most popular passages that other readers have highlighted… Moreover, unlike old-school, dead-tree books, you don’t have to worry about bent pages, or bookmarks falling out. You don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking them from your bedside table and losing your place.

You can also highlight and share passages, without the pang of guilt you feel when you deface an otherwise pristine book. You can also see passages other people have highlighted, which I’ve found brings my attention to passages I’d have otherwise skipped straight past.

How kindle is different from  typical ipad , tablet or laptop screen.

The delightful E-Ink screen, which can conservatively be described as a masterpiece of engineering. It looks just like printed words on a sheet of paper. Unlike many computer and tablet screens, it is readable in the sun. The latest version of Amazon’s e-ink screens refreshes almost immediately, so there’s little to no lag.The Kindle can run for weeks on end (the Kindle Oasis lasts for months), whilst slowly sipping electricity.

Also  kindle is lighter , way cheaper than any ipad, it does not emit light unlike smartphones and other smart screens Reading for long periods of time on a smartphone, tablet, or computer can cause eye strain. Eye strain can lead to physical fatigue, red eyes, and eye twitching. Glare and improper lighting on your computer or smartphone display may be the leading cause of eye strain. The display on Amazon’s Kindle is specially designed to prevent glare.

Go Green, Save Trees:-

With each book , one of the tree needs some kind of sacrifice and sooner or later , the time will come to peace with the rationing of paper then why not now.  Be the part of Change  and go for dedicated e-book readers like kindle.

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Kindle does everything what one book lover can ask for , it solves all the major problems every one faces with books design 10 usability 9 performance 9.5 value for money 9.5

What you need to know about e book reader kindle | an Indian book worm edition
reasons to buy kindle


  • library on the go
  • support “go green, save paper”
  • future ready
  • good for eyes


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