Too High Blood Sugar Level : Causes & Symptoms

Too High Blood Sugar Level : Causes & Symptoms:

Blood in the human body normally contains sugar as glucose. The perfect measure of glucose gives vitality to the body’s cells and organs. To keep glucose levels maintained, the body needs insulin. Insulin is a hormone that takes glucose and conveys it to the body’s cells. People suffering with type 1 diabetes, the immune system attacks the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. The people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, the body produces insulin however it can’t utilize it appropriately.

When we are suffering from any disease, body try to let us know by showing some symptoms. We should never ever ignore any symptom that seems strange and abnormal. When we experience blur-vision, late healing of wound, constant thirst and hunger all together then our body might want to tell that the blood sugar level is not normal and it can be high and we should seriously head to the doctor to clear the doubts because it may be the sign of diabetes.


In the young generation the main cause of high blood sugar level is Stress. When we are stressed out our body produce hormones, to combat stress, it can cause high blood sugar level. There are many other reasons for high blood sugar level and these are:

  • Less physical activity
  • Intake of more carbohydrate than usual
  • Certain medication, injury, surgery
  • Imbalance diet
  • Intake of too much energy drinks
  • Not enough insulin produced by body


When the body’s blood sugar level is too high it create problem for the body. The target body organs where it affect is kidney and eye ratina.High blood sugar level end upo causing heart stroke and kidney damage. Skin nerves also get affected when the blood sugar level is too high.If you are facing some issues that match with the symptoms of high blood sugar level,it’s better to check your sugar level and take proper medication to prevent the permanent damage of body organs.

Here are some symptoms of high blood sugar level:

  1. Always feel hungry: If the blood sugar level is high or imbalance, you always feel craving for food because your body is in need of alternative energy source due to improper sugar supply that provide energy.
  2. Constant Thirst: If you are feeling thirsty all the time, there are chances; your blood sugar level is high because sugar in the kidney and urine increased thirst.
  3. Frequent Urination: High sugar in the kidney and urine attract even more water which leads to frequent urination.
  4. Burning, numbness and tingling: If you feel constant burning, numbness and tingling in your hands, legs and feet, it is a sign of diabetes.
  5. Weight Fluctuation: If the body blood sugar level is high, you can see an unexplained weight gain or loss. It’s better to keep an eye on your body weight and if it fluctuate, it may be the signal that your blood sugar level is high.
  6. Slow healing of wound: If you feel that any wound or cut take more time to heal than normal, your blood sugar level is high. High sugar can damage nerves which end up slow healing of wound.
  7. Blurred Vision : high blood sugar can damage vision. So if you feel sudden vision problem, you should check your sugar level.
  8. Fatigue: High Blood Sugar level, can cause fatigue.
  9. Difficulty in concentration: If your body blood sugar is high or imbalanced, it affect the memory and mind which cause difficulty in concentration.

If you are also noticing these symptoms in your body, there are chances, your blood sugar level is high and you should take proper treatment for the same otherwise it can end up heart stroke,kidney damage, vision loss etc. Take care of your health and share this information as much as you can.

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