Cancer: An untold truth behind the causes and fight against it .

Cancer: An untold truth behind the causes and fight against it.

Cancer: An untold truth behind the causes and fight against it.

A German Scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg discovered the main cause of cancer before 1923 and in 1931 he received a Nobel prize for the same. But the truth was not revealed to the world. But here we are sharing his studies about the causes of cancer and how we can protect ourselves from this life threatening disease.

The main cause of this disease is, acidifying food or can say Anti-Physiological way of eating and less or no physical activity and the body makes an acidic environment with lack of oxygen. The acid in cell, displace the oxygen and the environment becomes fully acidic. In easy words, where the cellular environment is acidic, automatically the lack of oxygen will be there.

If the acidic level of the body increases, the oxygen level decreases. In fully acidic environment, there is no oxygen remained.

Dr. Warburg claimed that, Body cells need oxygen and if 35% of oxygen takes out from the cell, it will turn into cancer cell in not more than two days. He also said that normal cell needs oxygen but the cancer cell don’t need oxygen and can live without that.

Healthy tissues are alkaline in nature while tumour tissues are acidic.

Cancerous cell has two things:

  1. Blood acidity
  2. Lack of oxygen that is Hypoxia.

The combination leads to cancer.

Tumor cell can only survive in an environment ,with no oxygen. So cancer is basically a defence mechanism which our cell use to survive in an environment which is acidic and has no oxygen in it.Our body needs alkaline food to prevent the growth of acidic environment. If a person eating more alkaline food and is highly active, the chances of cancer will be zero. Some food we eat in our daily life is acidic and can pollute the body. Here is a list of food that are acidic and alkaline.

Acidifying foods:

  1. Refined salt
  2. Refined flour
  3. Refined sugar and its derivatives
  4. All types of meat
  5. Dairy products like cheese,yogurt,milk,cream etc
  6. Bread
  7. Caffeine
  8. Alcohol
  9. Margarine
  10. Tobacco
  11. Canned food (food that contain preservatives and artificial colors)
  12. Antibiotics
  13. All types of medications

Alkaline Foods:

  1. Raw vegetables and fruits including lemon etc that are sour in taste is a big myth that fruits that are sour in taste comes in the category of acidic food.but actually they change their nature when enter in the body.
  2. Honey
  3. Green  plants contains chlorophyll and are highly alkaline.
  4. In Whole grains, millet is alkaline rest all are acidic but that amount of acidity is also require to our body.
  5. Water is an integral part which supply drink plenty of water daily.
  6. Exercise supply oxygen to the body which balance the alkalinity of body. Today’s lifestyle is destroying the life.

Chemotherapy is not a solution to cure cancer but the aim of the therapy is to worsen the acidity of the body and neutralize the acidity of vital minerals (magnesium, potassium and calcium) implanted in teeth, limbs, bones, hair, nails. You have definitely noticed the person taking chemotherapy loss the hair. The reason is this only.

If you want to stay healthy include 60% alkaline food items in your diet and avoid acidic food like soft drinks, sweets and fast food.Take plenty of water and do exercise. If you anyways have cancer, alkalize your body as much as possible. The chances of survival will increased.

So the root cause of any disease is increased acidic level of the body. If your body stores acids and toxins, you can  experience disease which may be life threatening too. SO EAT HEALTHY AND BE HEALTHY FOREVER.

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