9 Amazing Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

9 Amazing Hair Hacks, Every Girl Should Know:

For every woman, managing hair and rushing to work is really not an easy task and the problem doubles when you have long hair. If you come under the category of those 2% lucky girls who wake up with shiny and frizz-free hair, then you won the battle already but for the rest of the world, these simple 9 hair hacks are so helpful. Here are 9 Amazing Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1. For extra shiny hair, use a shot of vodka:

Yes, you read it correctly, vodka can do much more than just drink. After the hair wash, pour a shot of vodka on your hair before drying your hair. All hair products contain a little amount of alcohol and vodka can do wonders and make your hair shiny but remember, don’t make it a habit, just do it on special occasions.

2. Hand lotion in place of anti-frizz serum:

9 Amazing Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

If you cannot afford expensive anti-frizz serum, don’t worry hand lotion can do wonders for your hair. Apply smoothly the hand lotion on your frizzy hair and experience the change.

3. Tie a turban:

Tie a turban over your head is so trendy yet a trick to manage that frizzy and unmanageable hair…wow what a trick.

4. Use dry shampoo:

Dry shampoo is a great invention for those who don’t have much time to shampoo early in the morning or any time. Just apply it to your hair and let it set. Then comb your hair to remove the grease from your hair.

5. Run Out of dry shampoo, don’t worry use corn starch:

If you are running out of dry shampoo, you can replace it with corn starch.

6. Use a bobby pin in your ponytail to add extra volume:

use bobby pins in your ponytail in a downward direction near the rubber band to make your ponytail perky.

7. Dirty hair is always easy to handle for styling:

If you do any styling on just-washed hair so there are chances that the curls will not remain for more than 1 hour. So, it is advised to do styling on the second day for better results.

8. Spray some hair spray on bobby pins before use:

If your hair is silky and straight and you are facing problems in adjusting the bobby pins, spray some hairspray on the bobby pins to make it sticky and more likely to stay on the hair.

9. Use a T-shirt in place of a towel to dry your hair:

Towels can be a little harsh on your hair so next time you wash your hair, use cotton T-shirts in place of a towel to avoid frizz. You can also wrap up your hair with a T-shirt just like you do with a towel.

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