11 actions other than SEX that can give you the equal pleasure of ORGASM

Some actions other than sex that can give you the equal pleasure of orgasm:

Orgasm is a feeling that we generally think can attain only by sex but you are wrong here. Yes you read it right!!! You can enjoy the pleasure of orgasm by performing some actions that does not require sex/partner at all.

You would not deny that these following actions can give your mind, body, soul the immense pleasure of orgasm.

  1. Popping a bubble wrap: Popping bubble wrap with your fingers is a feeling that can satisfied your brain and tingle it with pleasure. Even kids love this activity so much.
  1. Get to Pee after holding it for so long: you definitely experienced this kind of feeling once in your life time.

     3. Cracking perfectly all knuckles: This is the habit of many peoples and they find it very much satisfying.

  1. Almost dropping of phone or crockery but catching it at the last moment: This is the pleasure one experience when he accidentally drops a phone or some expensive crockery but suddenly catch it before hitting it on the floor.
  1. An effortless shit, that can make you feel 2 kilos lighter: This is also one of the best feeling on earth when you complete the shit easily and feel that your tummy is lighter than before.
  1. Sneeze out an elusive sneeze: how you feel when you sneeze out an elusive sneeze, obviously an incomparable and satisfying feeling it is.

  1. Peel off the plastic on new gadgets: this is the thing we generally do since our childhood and it is equivalent to the pleasure we feel in orgasm.
  2. Unhooking a bra: After a very tiring day you would love to unhook your bra before falling on bed and this is actually a relief and pleasure to sleep free.
  1. Taking off heels: Every person who wears heels can understand the pain of high heels. So taking off heels can help you experience the most satisfying feeling.
  1. A good shower after long tiring and polluted day: pleasure can get by any means and shower is one of them. Whether hot or cold, shower is the best way to wash off the negativity, you carry and help you to get the orgasm.
  1. Head massaging object: I bet, this object can help you to achieve the real orgasm.

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