8 Things You Must Know About “Aadhaar Pay App”

8 Things You Must Know About “Aadhaar Pay App”

The Aadhaar pay app is launched by IDFC BANK, which is a new private-sector bank. People who have no smartphones can also take benefits from this ADHAAR PAY APP for cashless transactions.

So, Here are 8 Things You Must Know About “Aadhaar Pay App” must know:

1.No Credit/Debit Card Fees: “Aadhaar Pay” app eliminates the extra fees that credit/debit card companies are charging currently.

2 The Password Is Your Fingerprint: This app allows biometric data like fingerprints as passwords to validate transactions.

3. Cashless Transactions Can Be Done by Those Who Don’t Have Smartphones: With this app, people who don’t have smartphones can also make transactions. But the person who is accepting the payment must have a smartphone.

4. Your Aadhaar Card Number Must Be Linked to Your Bank Account: It Is mandatory that your Aadhaar card number must be linked to your account/accounts for transactions.

5. How This Aadhaar Pay App Works:

(a) Download the Aadhaar Pay App from the “Google Play Store”, which is so far available for Android users only.

(b) Install a bio-metric scanner and link that to the App.

(c) To make a payment, the customer has to enter the Aadhaar card number and then select the bank from which the payment has to be made. The role of the biometric scanner is to do the verification.

6. Internet Connection Required: Unlike the debit/credit card machine which works on telephone lines, this app needs an internet connection to work.

7. Limit Of Transaction Is 10,000: The transaction cannot exceed 10,000 (current limit) on Aadhaar enabled payment method.

8. This Aadhaar Pay App Is Developed with UIDAI and NPCI: This app has been developed with NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) and UIDAI.

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